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Public Survey and Feedback Forms

Public Forms app makes it easy to create, send, and manage customized forms for any feedback need. Gather insights from employee surveys, customer feedback, or research questionnaires directly on your dashboard in real time.
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Supported Features

Activity Dashboard
Activity Tracking
Change Management
Customizable Forms
Customizable Templates
Data Visualization
Document Management
Document Storage
Forms Management
Incident Management
Inspection Management
Issue Management
Mobile Access
Policy Management
Real-Time Analytics
Real-Time Data
Real-Time Monitoring
Real-Time Notifications
Real-Time Reporting
Reporting & Statistics
Status Tracking
Task Management
Third-Party Integrations
Version Control
Workflow Management

Key Benefits of Public Forms App

Go Paperless

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Transition to fully digital checklist, enhance accuracy, speed up processes, and improve record-keeping.

Fully Customizable Checklists

Customize every aspect of your checklists and integrate with existing systems. Leverage advanced features geolocation, temperature sensors, NFC, offline mode, and more.

Workflow Integration and Automation

Create and automate workflows for assigning corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), and schedule inspections to designate each layer of the production process.

Actionable Insights from Audit Data

Turn data captured into actionable insights for risk assessments, continuous improvement, and quality assurance.

Secure Cloud Storage

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Mobile2b's TISAX certified platform stores and organises all reports securely in the cloud for future reference.

Offline Mode Support

Conduct audits and inspections without internet access. All data is stored locally on your device and automatically synced to the cloud once a connection is restored.

API Integration

Integrate with your existing systems and applications using robust APIs, ensuring smooth data flow and operational efficiency.

Industries Benefiting from Our Public Forms App



Ideal for manufacturers looking to maintain rigorous quality standards and streamline compliance audits. Our app facilitates real-time tracking and management of quality checks to ensure product consistency and safety.

Automotive OEM

Optimize automotive manufacturing processes with digital 5S checklists. Increase production efficiency, ensure compliance, and improve safety protocols. Ideal for automakers and component manufacturers to maintain organized and compliant operations.


Ensure strict compliance and maintain high standards of cleanliness and organization in hospitals and clinics. Our app helps manage regulations and improves operational efficiency.

Warehousing and Logistics

Optimize inventory management and increase efficiency in order processing and distribution centers. Digital checklists and automated workflows keep your operations smooth and compliant.

Education and Research Facilities

Maintain safety and organization in laboratories and educational institutions. Our app helps track equipment, manage chemicals safely, and uphold stringent regulatory standards.


Enhance guest experiences by ensuring that operational aspects of your business, such as maintenance and housekeeping, adhere to the highest standards of 5S practices.
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