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Enterprise AI Search

Employees spend on average 2 hours a day or 10 hours per week searching internal information and we are here to change that...
Robert Vennemann, Mobile2b CEO
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Transform Your Operations with
AI Powered Queries

Custom AI Assistant, trained on your internal data, hosted securely on-premise. Type or speak your query, and receive immediate, accurate answers summarised from data repositories using RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation).

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Specializes in retrieving domain-specific enterprise knowledge.
Ready to deploy, with no complex IT setup.
Lightning-fast text and speech queries.
Ideal for both on-field and office environments.
Intuitive, user-friendly interface.
Enhances performance and productivity across operations.

How It Works?

Upload Your Data
Securely upload documents, spreadsheets, and other knowledge materials.
Customize Your Preferences
Tailor the AI’s settings to match your specific needs and preferences.
Just Ask
Start asking your AI assistant immediately, with no downtime or learning curve.
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Benefits of AI Powered Search

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Exploring Diverse Use Cases

New Employee Onboarding and Training
Assists new employees by providing instant answers to queries about company procedures and policies.
Efficient Search of Company Data
Leverage AI to quickly locate specific documents, data, and information across various data sources.
Continuous Learning and Knowledge Building
When the AI encounters a query it cannot answer, it allows the user to input the correct information, which it then saves for future inquiries.
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AI Search FAQs

What is Mobile2b Enterprise AI Search?
Enterprise AI Search helps you query your enterprise data via text or speech. Using advanced AI, it understands your questions and gives you short, accurate answers while keeping your data secure and private.
Can it Handle Complex Questions?
Yes, it can handle complex questions. It pulls together information from your data sources, giving you detailed and comprehensive answers.
What are the Benefits of using AI Search Queries?
Save time with fast, personalized answers. It makes searching easy and intuitive, improving productivity by quickly delivering the information you need.
Do you want to see what Mobile2b is capable of?
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