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Digital Transformation journey of Kunze GmbH with Mobile2b

 Digital Transformation journey of Kunze GmbH with Mobile2b
June 13, 2024
Success Story
Digital Transformation

Streamlining Operations with Digital Solutions

Kunze GmbH, a specialist in work platforms, has embarked on a digital transformation journey by implementing the digitalization platform Mobile2b. As the company has grown, so has the need for more efficient processes. Recognizing that digitalization is more than just a trend, Charly Kunze, who joined the family business after studying business administration, is now leading the charge towards a digital future.

“In the future, digitalization will enable us to inspire customers with new business models, motivate employees, and save costs in the medium term. For example, the time required for ordering spare parts can be reduced by almost 50 percent with the Mobile2b platform,” says Charly Kunze.

Eliminating Paperwork

Not long ago, Kunze GmbH's daily operations relied heavily on paper. Forms were filled out by hand, documents were physically passed around, and rental agreements were printed, manually signed by customers, and scanned back into the system. In the workshop, orders were posted on a large notice board. This manual process was manageable when the company had only 10 employees, but with over 20 employees now, the inefficiencies became apparent.

The company realized that digital solutions could make these processes faster, safer, and less prone to errors. This led to the search for a suitable app platform that met the needs of a 20-person company—affordable and user-friendly without requiring extensive IT knowledge. The solution: Mobile2b.

Seamless Digital Transformation

As the company grew, so did its operational needs. Kunze GmbH focused on implementing digital solutions in small, manageable steps. A major milestone was integrating the MIRA merchandise management system, used for renting construction machinery, with Mobile2b. This integration ensured seamless data exchange between the two systems. Key data such as customer information, items, and suppliers are connected via a cloud adapter, making them immediately available in the app without complex interface programming.

With Mobile2b, Kunze GmbH has successfully transitioned to digital processes, setting the stage for continued growth and efficiency.


Advancing Business Processes with Mobile2b

Digitalizing Workflows

The next step for Kunze GmbH was to digitalize business processes using workflows. It was crucial that employees could convert existing paper forms and checklists into digital formats without needing programming knowledge. This became a reality in a short time. Employees can now create a variety of forms using a drag-and-drop interface and use them directly in the app. Within days, processes were optimized and digitized using the solution from Mobile2b GmbH, based in Cologne. This shift has led to significant time and cost savings in service, sales, and logistics. For instance, the entire spare parts ordering process, including inventory management, goods receipt and inspection, and CRM integration, is managed via Mobile2b. What used to be complex, error-prone, and redundant is now streamlined and digital.

Successful Digital Transformation

Several other processes have already been successfully digitized:

  • Machine bookings
  • Error and damage reporting
  • Complete accounting, including the digital invoice approval process

Everyday Work in a Digital Company

The daily operations at Kunze GmbH have transformed significantly. Paper notes and filing systems are gradually being replaced by tablets. All machine documentation is now handled via a cloud solution, allowing employees to access information anytime, anywhere. Work instructions are issued through Mobile2b and appear on the tablets of the responsible employees. Some customer inquiries are addressed in advance via the website and chatbot. With these changes, Kunze GmbH is steadily moving towards its goal of using digitalization to inspire customers with new business models, motivate employees, and save costs in the medium term.

Transform Your Business with Mobile2b

Are you ready to streamline your business processes and improve efficiency? Join Kunze GmbH in embracing the future of digitalization with Mobile2b’s powerful platform. From order management to machine bookings and beyond, Mobile2b offers the solutions you need to enhance productivity and reduce costs.

Discover how Mobile2b can revolutionize your operations. Visit Mobile2b for more information and to schedule a free demo. Take the first step towards a more efficient and innovative future today.

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Kunze GmbH

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With years of experience, Kunze Bühnen is a specialist in the field of work platforms. From small lifting platforms and passenger lifts to large truck platforms, Kunze Bühnen from Bruckmühl near Rosenheim offers a wide range of height access technology for purchase and rental. Kunze GmbH has the necessary experience, expertise, and extensive machinery to provide suitable solutions for any height requirement.

For more information, visit Kunze Bühnen.

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