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Kronos Titan Transforms Maintenance Efficiency with Mobile2b's Digital Solutions

Kronos Titan Transforms Maintenance Efficiency with Mobile2b's Digital Solutions
June 13, 2024
Success Story
Digital Transformation

Introduction to the Digital Shift

Thomas Kippert, the project manager for digitalization at Kronos Titan, humorously recalls the initial skepticism towards digitalization: "Before we do Industry 4.0, both 1. FC Cologne and Bayer Leverkusen will become German football champions." However, significant progress has been made since then at the Leverkusen-based chemical company, one of the world's largest manufacturers of titanium dioxide.

Transition from Paper to Digital Checklists

Kronos Titan identified numerous opportunities for digital optimization, particularly in their manufacturing processes. One major focus was on preventative maintenance. In collaboration with Mobile2b, a pilot project was launched using a mobile app to digitize daily maintenance plans. "Thanks to the intuitive user interface, we were able to set up the required data largely independently," says Kippert.

Activities are now documented online instead of using pads and pencils. New tasks appear daily in the digital maintenance plan, and a digital workflow guides workers intuitively through the maintenance process. Reminder functions ensure no task is forgotten, and unplanned events can be captured and reported immediately via the app. The hardware is robust enough to withstand the demanding production environment, including extreme temperatures and chemical exposure.

Efficient Device Management with NFC Tags

The digital workflows save 4,000 sheets of paper annually that were previously printed and archived. Once set up, the fully automated process significantly increases maintenance efficiency. "I assume that digital maintenance plans will also be used in other production areas at Kronos in the future," Kippert predicts. Future goals include planning and executing maintenance measures in the workshop and digitally recording and managing all equipment in production facilities using mobile devices equipped with robust NFC tags. These tags can withstand the harsh environment of production halls and simplify device identification, for instance, during TÜV inspections. Additionally, the complete history of each device can be instantly accessed via the scanned tag.

Chemical Company Kronos Titan Check

Predictive Maintenance as a Goal

Looking ahead, Kronos Titan aims to use digital technology for predictive maintenance, identifying and addressing weak points in production before they become issues. For example, the company plans to track and evaluate the performance of gearboxes, pumps, and V-belts to predict failures and schedule maintenance proactively. “Such evaluations can be made in the future using predictive maintenance. This was not possible with the old paper lists,” says Kippert. The commitment to digital transformation is strong at Kronos, and this path will certainly be pursued further.

“The app was put into operation very quickly. First, we digitized all maintenance plans. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, we were able to set up the digital workflows independently and get started straight away.”
 Thomas Kippert, Project Manager, Kronos Titan

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Project Partners

Kronos Titan International is a chemical industry company and a leading producer of titanium dioxide. The headquarters are in Dallas, where the parent company Kronos Worldwide, Inc. also resides. One of the group's seven production facilities is in Leverkusen. Kronos International is the fifth-largest manufacturer of titanium dioxide pigments in the world and the largest producer in Germany (via the wholly owned subsidiary KRONOS TITAN GmbH). Titanium dioxide is primarily used as a white pigment and is chemically stable, non-toxic, and can be found under the label E 171 as a food additive, for example, in toothpaste, chewing gum, and cough drops, and under CI 77891 as a pigment in cosmetics. The production capacity is currently 550,000 tons of titanium dioxide per year, accounting for about 10 percent of the world market share.

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