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Optimizing External Warehouse Management with Digital Solutions: Kögel Trailer GmbH's Success Story

Optimizing External Warehouse Management with Digital Solutions: Kögel Trailer GmbH's Success Story
June 13, 2024
Success Story
Digital Transformation

Enhancing Shunting Processes with Mobile App Support

At Kögel Trailer GmbH, a leading trailer manufacturer based in Burtenbach, digital transformation is a fundamental aspect of their operations. The company has recently optimized its internal logistics processes with a new digital solution, significantly improving efficiency. With thousands of finished or semi-finished trailers moved on their premises each year, managing frequent changes of location has been a considerable challenge. The main question logistics employees often face is: "Where can I find the trailer needed for the next step or for shipping?"

Accelerating Internal Logistics with Mobile2b

Jonas Rump, the Digital Officer at Kögel Trailer GmbH, highlights the benefits of the new system:

"Thanks to the digital Kanban system at mobile2b, we have significantly accelerated our internal logistics processes. I was surprised at how easy and diverse the app can be used. We can cover a wide range of application areas in production and logistics."

Digital Logistics Processes: A Leap in Efficiency

Initially, Kögel used a handheld solution with basic functionalities, supplemented by paper forms for documentation. This approach made it difficult to provide precise information about the exact location of a semitrailer. Seeking a digital alternative, Jonas Rump found Mobile2b's digitalization platform. This mobile solution follows the Kanban logic and enables the creation of a smart order pool, making order management completely paperless.

Rapid Implementation without IT Expertise

In collaboration with Mobile2b, a pilot project was swiftly implemented to enhance the administration of external warehouses using digital solutions. The first step involved converting phone orders into digital order creation and distribution. The platform’s simplicity and intuitive design allowed employees to set up digital forms tailored to their daily needs, without requiring any IT knowledge. Standard mobile device functionalities such as GPS tracking and barcode scanning were utilized to optimize trailer tracking. Orders from different departments could be sent directly to the logistics employees’ mobile devices, allowing shunters to receive work orders directly in the app.


Streamlined Work Tasks with the App

The digital system quickly showed positive results. When a shunter parks a semi-trailer in the external warehouse, the GPS data is recorded via the app, making it easier to locate trailers for the next steps. Location changes can be recorded with a click, and current locations are displayed on a virtual factory layout. Shunters work through their digital checklists independently. Once a trailer is placed in its intended location, the shunter completes the order in the app, potentially triggering a production order. This automation saves valuable time in the tightly scheduled production cycle. All processes are centralized in a dashboard, giving managers a real-time overview of ongoing, delayed, or completed orders, with the ability to retrieve individual processes from the digital archive if necessary.

Expanding the Digitalization Platform's Applications

The versatility of mobile2b is one of its significant advantages. Kögel has extended its use to visitor registration and 5S audits in production, benefiting from the system's scalability. Billing is based on the number of users or processes, ensuring cost transparency.

Optimise Your Logistics with Mobile2b

Transform your logistics operations with Mobile2b’s digital solutions. The mobile2b platform offers unmatched flexibility and user-friendliness, making it the perfect choice for businesses aiming to boost efficiency and streamline processes. Whether you need to optimize order management, accurately track assets, or seamlessly integrate with third-party systems, Mobile2b provides the solutions you need.

Discover how Mobile2b can revolutionize your logistics. Visit Mobile2b for more information and to schedule a free demo. Take the first step towards a more efficient future today.

About Kögel Trailer GmbH

Kögel Trailer GmbH, one of Europe’s leading trailer manufacturers, has produced over 550,000 vehicles since its founding in 1934. With a commitment to engineered quality "made in Germany," Kögel offers innovative solutions for the freight forwarding and construction industries. The company’s headquarters and main production site are in Burtenbach, Bavaria, with additional plants and locations across Europe and Russia, including Ulm, Duingen, Chocen, Verona, Kampen, Gallur, and Moscow.

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For more information, visit Kögel Trailer GmbH.

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