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Smart Audits Platform

Truly Smart Audits start with Mobile2b. Digitize audits, Integrate your existing Workflows and Automate with Drag-and-Drop. No code! International Standards Preconfigured and fully Customizable.
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From 5S, LPA and IATF 16949 to VDA 6.3

We've got your standards covered, supporting most international audit standards, preconfigured and fully customizable with Drag-and-Drop.
5S Audit
Layered Process Audit(LPA)
Prod. VDA 6.5
VDA 6.3 Process Audit
VDA 6.3 Potential Analysis
VDA 6.3 Pot.
VDA 6.3 Prod. Q
VDA 6.3 Dienst.
VDA 6.3 Prod.
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Safety Behaviour Index (SBI)
SLPC Audit
Automotive SPICE
International Automotive Task Force (IATF 16949)

Why Companies Trust Mobile2b?

We are a trusted leader in digital audit solutions, combining the latest technologies with a decade of experience. Our commitment to innovation and quality makes us the preferred partner for industry-leading companies.

Maximize Efficiency with Our Fully Digital Audit Solutions

Enhance your efficiency with our digital audit platform, user-friendly on any device. Effortlessly document issues with the device camera, eliminate paperwork and ensure your data is safe and secure. Reduce manual data handling and maintain compliance, thereby accelerating your entire audit process.

Secure Your Compliance with Digital Audits for Enhanced Transparency and Control

With our innovative Smart Audits solution, we guarantee secure compliance for your company. Forget about manual monitoring and possible errors. Our annual, digital audit planning adheres to industry compliance standards and alerts you of potential risks when audits or tasks are overdue, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

Effective Action Management

Action management doesn't have to be hard. Our tool makes it easier to see with a clear dashboard what's working and what's not. With Pareto analysis, you quickly find and fix the big issues first, making your work more effective. It's all about doing less but achieving more helping your team reach its goals faster. It integrates smoothly with your current systems, ensuring a hassle-free transition to better efficiency.

Comprehensive Database for Process Optimization

Improve your business processes with our KPI dashboards and automated reporting tools. Track key performance indicators and activities in real-time to identify trends early. Our system automatically gathers and organizes crucial data, while our process mining feature allows you to visualize and refine workflows by analyzing this data. This tool simplifies the optimization of your operations, making them more straightforward and effective.

What do our customers say?

Magna saves 2,500 hours per year by
digitizing the entire audit process.

“Project success with Mobile2b through an
innovative system and a practical mentality”
Tobias Wessely
Project management Smart Factory /
Industry 4.0 Magna Powertrain
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