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Transforming Antenna Maintenance: How Reiter GmbH Improved Efficiency

Transforming Antenna Maintenance: How Reiter GmbH Improved Efficiency
June 18, 2024
Success Story
Digital Transformation

Digital Solutions for Antenna Maintenance

With the promise “No location is unreachable!” Reiter Antennenbau-Energietechnik GmbH from Warngau in Bavaria underscores its expertise in the planning, construction, and maintenance of antenna systems. This expertise is now documented digitally. Service technicians use the Mobile2b app for antenna maintenance to digitally record data and photos of the antenna systems, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Service Technician App Saves 1 Day Per Week

The medium-sized company sought a digital solution to log maintenance tasks on antenna systems via iPhone. Regular maintenance of these complex systems is essential for trouble-free operation. Previously, Reiter used paper forms, resulting in significant post-processing effort. A service technician had to plan an office day each week to complete maintenance protocols. Handling paper documents was impractical at antenna mast locations, prompting Reiter to choose the Mobile2b digitalization platform.

From Planning to Practice within a Month

In a joint web session, digital maintenance forms were created, and employees were trained in using the service technician app. Implementation began within a month. Since then, service technicians have created digital maintenance protocols on their smartphones. The technicians quickly adapted to the digital forms, using the app's intuitive inspection process and features like the camera to document defects. Speech recognition is utilized for longer entries, streamlining the documentation process. They also have constant access to master data of the antennas, informing them of specific system features. The result: post-processing effort has dropped to nearly zero, with minimal adjustments required. Maintenance protocols can be converted into Word files, reducing administration time by 20%. Managing director Florian Oberhofer now has a comprehensive overview of all tasks, easily locating needed processes through filters. The location history provides a clear view of past maintenance tasks and problem areas, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Antena Construction

PPE Testing and Asset Tracking with the Service Technician App


The benefits come with manageable costs. The service technician app is offered “as a service,” with costs depending on the number of users or processes. For example, the monthly cost for up to 5 users is 95 euros. New applications for the app are already being planned. Besides maintenance, the Mobile2b app is ideal for logging during the final acceptance of newly installed antennas or for day-to-day tasks like troubleshooting during on-call service or replacing defective components. Additionally, Mobile2b can be used for checking operating resources like personal protective equipment (PPE) or for asset tracking. This means that when it comes to digital transformation, “No goal is unattainable” for Reiter Antennenbau-Energietechnik GmbH. The streamlined processes not only save time but also enhance accuracy and traceability, crucial for regulatory compliance and operational excellence.

Project Partners


Reiter Antennenbau

  • Reiter Antennenbau-Energietechnik GmbH**  
    The services offered by Reiter Antennenbau-Energietechnik GmbH cover all aspects of antenna construction, from planning and project management to implementation, maintenance, and repair. Their customers include mobile phone operators, particularly Deutsche Telekom, and numerous broadcasters. With decades of experience, Reiter ensures that each project is executed with precision and quality, meeting the highest standards of the industry.

For more information, visit Reiter Antennenbau-Energietechnik GmbH.

Digital Transformation with Mobile2b

Are you ready to streamline your maintenance processes and improve operational efficiency? Join Reiter Antennenbau-Energietechnik GmbH in leveraging Mobile2b’s innovative solutions. From logging maintenance tasks to PPE testing and asset tracking, Mobile2b offers the digital tools you need to enhance productivity and reduce costs.

Discover how Mobile2b can revolutionize your operations. Visit Mobile2b for more information and to schedule a demo. Take the first step towards a more efficient and digitally advanced future today.

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